A chess puzzle adventure with dating sim elements set in a world torn asunder by a century-long war—where the Schwarz Kingdom finds themselves on the perpetual backfoot... That is until you and your twin are transported to right into the thick of things of this magical world!

Take the crown and command the Schwarz army, bonding with their officers and royalty, to rescue your sibling and bring an end to the war!

Our Characters

Queen’s Knight Rosalind is a stubborn, swashbuckling knight who prefers to charge headfirst into battle on her pegasus than think what battle plan to execute. Under Cass’s direction, she is capable of gliding over enemies to flank and outmaneuver them. A warrior who thinks with her gut instead of head, she truly believes that Pace can lead the Schwarz Army to victory!

Piero is the studious kind, holding the Rank of Bishop. Unlike the Knight Rosalind, Piero perfers careful planning before any action is taken. He has studied prophecies thouroughly, and it seems Cass somehow understands them as well. He follows Cass into battle—identifying weaknesses in enemy lines and using Arcane magic to wedge himself through.

Queen’s Rook Torren has speed and strengh unlike any other. Although he is a man of few words, he often commands the battlefield. he is very much loyal to the Queen, fighting to protect her and her son.

Queen Maioa Isabelle is the regal matriarch of the Night Citadel and current ruler of the Schwarz Kingdom. Heavy is the head that wears the Crown of a nation in chaos-yet she throws everything she can to defend those she loves. she recognizes in Pace the leadership her Kingdom needs.

Caissa (Cass) is the player character and Will's twin sibling, looking to reconnect after some years spent in college—now home to search for their grandpa. When Cass and Will are transported to the Schwarz Kingdom and Will is kidnapped by the Weiss army, Cass commits to put their chess skills to the ultimate test as they play the part of the prophesied Crown Bearer to end the war and rescue their twin!

Cass’s twin sibling, looking to reconnect after some years spent in the military—now home to search for clues about their missing grandfather. Will is transported to the Schwarz Kingdom along with Cass, but the two are separated once more when the Weiss army kidnaps Will.